Thursday, November 13, 2008

Surgery Update

OK, so tomorrow, I will go in for my surgery. I am prepared as well as I can be. Today, I had all sorts of family and friends call or email to give me support. That means a bunch and helped me get into the right mindset.

Kathy Davis is headed up here and should pull in at 2ish in the morning. She is one of my best friend and a Doctor. She was at my side during the last hospital stay.

Nelson will pick up Mom and then visit in the afternoon. Monique and Nancy will be there too. We can have a party!!

If all goes well, I will be home on Saturday with a clam shell in my heart and the hole *plugged*and on my way to full recovery.

Since I won't be online for a couple of days, the update will be in the comments section of this posting. Look for an update on Friday night.

Keep your fingers crossed and keep me in your prayers


Monique said...

I went to see Diane last night after her surgery and everything went well. The clamshell device appears to have occluded the defect in her heart, and her oxygen saturation levels were very good.

She does have some abnormalities to her rate and rhythm - conduction problems. The doctors will keep an eye on this.

Overall she looked really good and was happy to be chatting with friends the same day as the procedure! Much different from last time when she couldn't remember the first 3 days.

Kathy said...

Good to hear!!! I expect to hear about Diane back out on the trial really soon.