Saturday, November 22, 2008

My heart is crushed...

Today was one of those glorious fall days. Crisp and cool but sunny.

It was a busy, busy day and I managed to get a nap in too!! Mom and Kimiko came over and it was nice to see them. Kimiko brought her vacuum cleaner since ours is so awkward to handle. Mom was whipping the mop about while Kimiko was whipping the vacuum and I whipped out coffee. Mom gave me the evil eye when I tried to help so I did odd chores that didn’t involve lifting. I’ll be happy when I can do the major house cleaning so my Mom doesn’t have to come over. Although now, it is a ritual and they love to feed the girls and the livestock.

Speaking of the girls, they greeted Mom and Kimiko at the door, spinning, barking and dancing in circles. Again, they were amply rewarded for their behavior with lots of dog biscuits. I give up trying to make them behave since I get scolded and the girls don’t listen anyways. Last time, I scolded Tess, all she did was to run to my Mom and not listen at all. Then my Mom told me it was okay. The girls know they *only* have to listen to Mom and Kimiko and barely listen to me.

That’s fine, as everyone needs to be spoiled. Getty and I got spoiled too. Mom made home made Gyoza and Yaki-sobi noodles. We feasted. Of course, the girls got the leftover Gyoza and Yakisoba Noodles. I went back for seconds on the Gyoza and then was ready to hibernate since I ate so much!!

My Mom’s Gyoza is the best, ever!! It has shrimp, pork, green onions and other items. She made it this morning. I have never had Gyoza this good in any restaurants. I have even tried to make it myself but it never is as good as my Mom’s. The Yakisoba had shrimp, pork, squid and vegetables in it.

We ate and watched LSU play Old Miss. LSU lost so that was the dark cloud for the day. The final score was 13-31. LSU didn’t have any defense. Getty went to LSU so we are LSU fans here. It involves cheering for LSU, eating, drinking, hooting, hollering, and a whole lot of fun. And that is just Getty. Tess is usually in his lap during the game!! Mom and Kimiko were too polite to hoop and holler. I stayed in Mom’s and Kimiko’s camp.

At halftime, Mom, Kimiko and I wandered down to the barn. Mom and Kimiko did the bread and alfalfa feeding. Danny, the pet wether was first in line. He is so cute.

Gosh, I think the sheep recognize Mom and Kimiko now. They know they get extra food when they arrive. The adult ewes try to stick their noses through the fence to be fed by hand. My Mom and Kimiko oblige by feeding them. Everyone is happy. Prior to lunch, Kimiko tossed the toy for the girls until they were tired.



As we walked back to the house, Kimiko, once again tossed the toy for the girls. They ran around and barked for joy, tail swishing about. I can’t even imagine people looking at Tess and Nan at this point and thinking these two are the top Open dogs? Rigby had to join and chased after Nan. Nan ran from Rigby at full speed while Rigby chased her, full of glee!! It was quite the show.

Kimiko and Tess

Rigby on his rock. He is waiting for Nan.

Rigby and Nan in a nice line. Nan pretends she doesn't see Rigby.

Yesterday, when I slept quite a bit that helped a lot. Today, my leg was not hurting so much and I was not lame like yesterday. I did a fair bit of walking but it didn’t hurt. The swelling in the incision has gone down quite a bit too and it is not as tender. I have to build up my energy level too. That will take time. That’s ok, as I have lots of time now.

Mom and Kimiko left as Chuck showed up. I was tired by this time. I took a nap while Chuck worked his dogs. After he worked his dog he came up to the house. We all hung out and watched Texas Tech get whooped by Oklahoma. It was a big blow out.

It was a busy day and the nap helped quite a bit. I did a bunch of little stuff but not any major stuff. And I feel much more energetic. Oh, I did get good news. One of my dearest friends, Lora got FOURTH PLACE with Sally. She just moved her up to Open. Now, she can have cream in her coffee as Open handlers drink cream with their coffee ;-) I will buy her some cream for her coffee next time she is up here. I am so happy for her.

It was pretty much an eating and football type of day. Tess still hasn’t been on my lap since the baby carrot incident. Her new vantage point is on Getty’s lap. I feel slighted. My heart is crushed and it not from the operation

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