Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tipping Rate?

I took off the bandage on my thigh today. The area around the entrance is all bruised up. The bruising is about 4 inches by 4 inches. The actual entrance is healing nicely. It is flat and it will leave a scar but not lumpy. The first surgery I had at Overlake with Dr Austin, left the area all lumpy. I can compare the two surgeries side by side. The Overlake one is raised and lumpy and the Swedish one is nice and flat. Overlake tried to go in via the left vein but it was not a success and then they went in via the chest.

My groin area is still very tender and after a bit of walking, it hurts. When I get up from sitting, it is sore also. Touching it hurts so I won’t be doing that again. I guess it won’t heal in three days!! Like I said, I am impatient.

Ok, I am on a weight limitation. Not more than 5-10 lbs this week. Ever try to feed livestock and only carry 5-10 lbs….translated this means 75 extra trips going back/forth to the barn with alfalfa, grain and bread. Then I have to load up my truck with alfalfa to feed the sheep and Emmy in the other pasture. But God bless, the man who invented the utility cart. It has saved me the extra trips. I drag it all over the farm.

I got this neat cart from Tractor Supply. I has come in very handy for me.


I have been using it quite a bit and will continue to use it. It’s great and I love it. I feel like I should be singing “Old MacDonald had a Farm” when I am pulling this cart around. But I will spare you since I can’t sing.

I didn’t take a nap today which means that I am getting less fatigued now. That is great. I am eating a lot more. Tonight I had two huge plates of “Smothered Pork Chops”. It is a southern dish that Emeril had on his cooking show. Getty cooked and I did dishes.


It was very tasty and as a result, I had two plates. I love to eat and cook. Then I had two pieces of chocolate cake and then a bowl of ice cream. As you can see, my appetite has come back. I am also not so darn cold and have a lot more energy. A couple of people said my face looks rosier now. It looked yellowish before. I sure hope that the road to recovery goes well and no more issues.

Tonight as I write this, I see that Tess and Nan are wrestling on the living room. They are best friend and are having fun. Tess finally unglued herself from my side where she has been since I got home on Saturday. Using her as my “health barometer” this means I am cleared to go. She has given me the “OK, you are good enough to be on your own now”

Just as good as a Doctor and cheaper too!! She got a dog biscuit and was happy with that payment. I think she is expecting a tip also.

What do you think? A 15% or 20% tip?

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don D said...

God, you are tenaciou. That is Great!! Heal well.
Strength, patience, focus and practice lead to happiness.