Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday To Rainey, Anson and Kael!!

Time just seem like yesterday when Tess had her pups. But it wasn't. A year ago, Tess had eight pups. Today they are a cute young dogs, learning to work sheep and enjoying life.

"...all snug in their bed..."

"Santa Paws"


Rainey and Anson are the pups we kept from the litter. Rainey is too clever for her own good. She is very much like her mother. She is wonderful on sheep. She is our hopeful rising star. Plus, she is Getty's pet so she will be spoiled forever here. She adores Getty just like her mother.

"Rainey wokring on her grip"

Anson is the white headed male with one blue and one brown eye. He is gentle to the stock and not a fireball like his sister. He still is growing up and is a real sweetheart. I see a lot of his sire (Scott) in his personality.

"Aren't I cute?"

Kael is with Audrey. He has the cutest expressive face. He was for sale but there was something about his eyes that made me hold onto him. Now, he is with Audrey and it was meant to be.

"Asleep like an Angel"
Happy Birthday to the pups!!

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