Thursday, November 6, 2008

A little pillow talk....

I went to the Cardiologist today for my Protime test. It was at 2.2 which is within the proper range. The range is 2.0 -3.0. So that is nice to know that my levels are within the range.

But next week, four days before my surgery, I go off the blood thinners. That make sense as you don't want the blood not to clot in case something happens.

My surgery is set for 10:30 a.m. and they want me there at 8:30 a.m. No food 12 hr prior so you know I am going to eat a lot and then stuff myself with dessert. I am holding steady at 116 lbs and haven't been able to break that barrier.

We got hit with super windy weather today and all the sheep ran up to the barn. It was wet, windy and just miserable. I decided to give the dogs a day off from working. Actually, I get tired really easy again, and my hr drive into town, then the Dr appt and then the hr drive home and feeding the critters...well, that just wore me out so I took a nap starting at 2 until 4. I felt much better after the nap.

Tess and Nan were my bed buddies and Rainey was put in her crate. Leaving Rainey loose while I sleep is not a good idea. She runs into her crate with no issues and I give her a treat to keep her happy.

As I snuggled with Tess, I whispered into her ear "You made me the handler that I am today and I love you for it. You were my nursemaid when I was sick and I love you for it. You are my right hand on the farm and I love it. You are our gift from God and I love you for it."

Then the last words she heard before she fell asleep was "But can I have one of the three pillows?"

She didn't budge.

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sheepkelpie said...

I shall pray for you to have a speedy recovery after your surgery. Take time these next few days to put yourself in a good place (mentally). That won't be hard with Ms Tess at your side. What a tough time you have had. I for one feel like I know you even though we haven't met- as I read your blog every day. Eat and sleep well, and fortify your heart and soul with the Zen that can only come by being surrounded by animals.