Friday, November 21, 2008

Mutton Tossing!!!

It’s been a week since I had the surgery. I have been quite spry the last few days and then today, I crashed hard. I don’t know if it is due that I have been walking a lot and doing a lots of up/down movement or perhaps the distance of my walks. I am not walking fast since my groin/leg area hurts. Since I am a Type A person, having to slow down the last few months has been very hard. I have watched more TV since July than I have in the 8 yrs we have lived here.

Now that I am mobile, I am wandering about and doing chores within my limitation set by the Doctors. Most everything is over the 5-10 lbs in the barn. Ok, they didn’t say anything about pounding but they said no lifting. One of the stall window bars row had shifted on the tongue and groove board it was sitting on. It had pushed out about 4 inches out and was sticking out in the stall doorway.

“Bang, Bang” went the hammer as I pounded it back in. I looked for other items to pound. The other stall door bar rows were fine. Soon, I gave up the hammer and was on a mission to do something else. I wasn’t too sure but I knew that I could find something else.

Back to that Type A personality. In July when I was going in to surgery, I did a bunch of barn projects so I wouldn’t be driven crazy seeing them half done. Apparently I must have done a good job because I couldn’t see any more projects for me to do.

I did see a project for my darling spouse, Getty. I need a roof on my Tack Room. Sparrows have been flying in and making themselves at home. Bird droppings on my saddle do not make me a happy girl. So then, I had to sweep out the Tack room and covered items up, The cats are doing their best but when the birds are 20 feet above them, it is hard to nab them. I told Getty tonight and he didn’t look to happy at this “honey do list”.

I did a last walk in the barn and didn’t see anything else to pound, fling, squash or sweep. I did the noon feeding of alfalfa to the sheep and Emma at farm. Then I took alfalfa to Emmy and the sheep at the far field,

Emma and Emmy had their hooves trimmed yesterday. One of Emma front foot was low in the back part and Jim Kincaid, my farrier, has gotten it to be even and looking well. There was a crack in the front that had grown longer and Jim has been working on getting it fixed. He cut a “U” around the crack so it would not continue up the hoof. The last farrier didn’t do that and when I pointed it out, he said it was fine but it wasn’t. As it was, the crack got bigger and she got an abscess. Now the crack has been halted, the abscess is gone and her foot is no longer flatter in the back. Both front feet are even and in good shape,

Yesterday when we were at the far field trimming Emmy’s hooves, I brought Nan along. Jim brought Jill, his very sweet wife. She has Aussies and loves her dogs, So while Jim was trimming Emmy, I gave a demo with Nan for Jill. Nan ran out and got part of the flock and then I had given her a look back to get the rest of the sheep in the far corner. Then I had to have her to regroup them and she did it at warp speed. Once she got them up to us, I had her drive them around and show off her skills. They were very impressed and I told them to come down anytime to watch. Nan was happy that she got to go for the ride instead of Tess. Remember that I am having Nan take over chores from Tess. Tess was miffed that I forgot her in the house.

Jim took care of the horses since I was still limping. When I was doing the demo with Nan, I stood in one place. I know some of you would be wondering if I should be doing that much work, so I didn’t. The farrier appointment was made 2 months ago and the next one will be in mid January. As they left yesterday, the evening rain begins to pour. Our timing was perfect.

This mid afternoon I began to get a headache and my leg was very sore at the incision. I might have been pushing it too hard this week and I was tired. A nap was in order and Tess, Nan and I crawled into bed for a nap. Tess snuggled next to me and Nan kept my tummy warm. I slept long and hard and woke up in the evening. I still had the migraine so took a migraine pill and my meds.

Now, I am feeling much better, the incision is less sore and my headache is gone. I am surrounded by Tess and Nan on the couch. Getty is making sure I am feeling better and had made me spaghetti for dinner.

Getty watched TV with me (he had the remote control) and we relaxed. Getty got me some Ice Cream and we think that made the pain go away. I see the light at the end of the tunnel get brighter and brighter each day. It’s been a long journey and with good friends like y’all, it has been a journey that is bearable.

We are all going to have a party when this is done, a potluck, Getty’s band playing and mutton tossing. Just kidding on the mutton tossing! It will be for the successful heart surgery, Getty and mine 50th party and the belated Barn Signing Party. And any other reasons we can think off.

Want to come? Put you RSVP in the comments section. It will be about January time frame after my last procedures are done.

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