Friday, November 28, 2008

Irish Jig

We recovered quite nicely from our yesterday feeding. We were not given our daily wake up call by the hunters so it was nice to sleep in. After we had dinner with my family yesterday, we also went to a friend’s home for dessert. I got to visit people that I have seen for a year or more. I used to play Ultimate Frisbee and it was the old gang. I updated everyone on the heart status. It was a fun party and we got home late. That wore me out and I was exhausted by the time we went to bed. So we slept in and it felt good.

This morning consisted of unloading the truck of the feed supplies. Actually, Getty unloaded and I helped as best as I could. I got two stall mats and prepared the area for them. I got bags of grain and dog food and other supplies. Getty and I had unloaded the carpet that I got on Wednesday.

Just in time, a friend showed up and took the carpet duties from Getty. Getty had a LSU game and was itching to go watch it. So we cut carpet and put it in the muddy gate area in the upper pasture. It helped quite a bit with the mud.

Janet showed up and grabbed Scott and we all headed over to the far pasture.  We all had practice runs at the PN level. Janet did extremely well and on one of her drives, did it almost perfect. Tess was the setout dog and I made her drive the sheep 250 yds to the set point. She did that quite a few times and then I ran her in the PN course a couple of times. I thought since she had just worked so hard, that she would be slow. She surprised me by going out strong and deep. She was on the muscle and did the course quite well. Someone forgot to sign her “Senior Citizen” Card this morning!!

After our fun practice, we went and had local Chinese food. I felt better after a hot meal. My incision is healed up and a small lump is there. It is only tender in a tiny spot and my leg feels fine now. My stamina is getting better each day. After lunch, we moved five ewes from home to the far pasture. That was the last chore and the day was done. It was a busy and full day but felt good and fruitful.

Dinner was Turkey soup with dumplings (what else!!) and we all hung out and watched TV. It sure is nice to have company and be able to visit and do fun stuff with them. And the best part is able to work dogs and not be exhausted or hurting. I am happy that the last surgery was successful and now I am seeing and feeling the results.

Tomorrow I am off to a Border Collie trial. I will be judging and have over 50 runs. I look forward to that and just enjoying myself. So I will be able to an Irish jig. I need a lesson on that.

Do you know how to dance an Irish jig?

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