Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Hills of Scotland

Gosh, I guess it is time for my UK travel series. Last July/August I went to the UK for work and a bit of a holiday. This is not the work part of the trip. After my work part, I went to Angie and Kelvin's place in Scotland. I stayed there for about a week. We hung out, worked dogs, ate well and then went sightseeing. I can't wait to go back.

Click on the pixs to see a larger view.
The view of the hills from their house.

View of their training field. See the stone fences. See the sheep on the hill. That is how far the dogs have to go to get the sheep!!

View from the back of their house. See the sheep at the top of the hill.

The dogs and pups waiting at the gate to go back to the house.

Sava and Coll in the creek. They are the two Aled Owen's pups that I brought back. Angie helped me with getting these pups back!!

Angie's Roy in the training field.

Another view of the training field. See the white dots. They are sheep.

The view of Angie and Kelvin's house.

Angie and Kelvin have moved since I visited them and now are in Wales.

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