Sunday, May 20, 2012

A White Fluffy Dog and a Fluffy Teddy Bear

Stella is one of our LGD. She is about 9 months old. She is a real delight to have around. LGDs at her age can get bored and chase sheep out of boredom. So we decided to give her some stuffed toys to play with instead of the young lambs.

I cleaned out Tess's toy box. Amazing enough, she had over fifty toys. I have *no idea* how she got that many - ha ha! So I grabbed a few  toys for Stella. She got soft toys as well as balls.

She took a big shine to the huge fluffy Teddy Bear. Tess removed part of the nose as a bonus. I tossed the Teddy Bear to Stella and she grabbed it and ran all over the pasture with it. She removed more of the stuffing and played with it until dark.

The Teddy Bear is almost as big as she is!

She is pretending it is a coyote and has a good neck grip.

The sheep were curious but she didn't want to share so she ran off with her toy.

I called her for her dinner so she brought the Teddy Bear as a dinner guest. Teddy Bear didn't have much of an appetite but was a very quiet guest. Last I saw before I went in the house, was Stella taking Teddy Bear for a tour of the pasture for the nightly fence check.

NOTE: These pictures were taken with my iPhone in the evening so they are not the best.

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