Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Open run Order for Memorial Day Trial

Open run Order for Memorial Day Trial (Ewefull Acres- George and Sue MacDonald)

Saturday Open 1

1.    T Yamamoto  and Sweep The Broom
2.    Dave Murray and Kate
3.    Bob Hickman and Trooper
4.    Donna Donahue and Kate
5.    Brian Ricards and Doc
6.    Diane Pagel and Nan
7.    Lora Withnell and Bella
8.    Gael Gann and Chili
9.    Sue MacDonald and Jan
10.   Monique  and Lucy
11.   Patricia Pedersen and Patch
12.  Noelle Williams and Lad
13.  Brian Nelson and Pleat
14.  Ian Caldicott and Bear
15.  Bonnie Block and Gull
16.  Tim Ballard and Nell
17.  Linda DeJong and Pooka
18.  Dave Murray and Moe
19.  Corinne Berg and Tay
20.  George MacDonald and Nap
21.  Bob Hickman and CBK Mojo
22.  Fran Macpherson and Mirk
23.  Cindy Baker and Brill
24.  Patricia Pedersen and Tessa
25.  Judy Norris and Glee
26.  Donna Donahue and Taff
27.  Brian Nelson and Beau
28.  Sue Wessels and Kate
29.  Diane Pagel and Maid
30.  Ian Caldicott and Kate
31.  Chris Soderstrom and Tarn
32.  Brian Ricards and Belle
33.  Lora Withnell and Nell
34.  Bob Hickman and CBK Ryder
35.  Jeanne B and Rocky
36.  Heidi Hanson and Pete
37.  Noelle Williams and Copper
38.  Dick Wilson and Raygan
39.  Alison Deilke and Zen
40.  Lasoya  and Blazin'  Beau
41.  Tierney Graham and Blazin' Brisco
42.  JB Brick and Scamp
43.  Wendy Legare and Towie
44.  Charmaine Henderson and Reo
45.  Brian Nelson and Sweep
46.  Susan Crocker and Rani
47.  Sue Wessels and Lexy
48.  Ian Caldicott and Joe Kid
49.  Jo Roach and Slider
50.  Patricia Pedersen and jenny
51.  Sue MacDonald and Jackie

 Sunday Open 2

1. Lasoya and Blazin' Beau
2. Jo Roach and Slider
3. Bob Hickman and CBK Mojo
4. Brian Nelson and Sweep
5. Diane Pagel and Maid
6. George MacDonald and Nap
7. Sue MacDonald and Jackie
8. Lora Withnell and Nell
9. Brian Ricards and Belle
10. Noelle Williams and Copper
11. Patricia Pedersen and Tessa
12. Wendy Legare and Towie
13. Heidi Hanson and Pete
14. Dick Wilson and Raygan
15. Donna Donahue and Taff
16. Ian Caldicott and Joe Kid
17. Chris Soderstrom and Tarn
18. Alison Deilke and Zen
19. Charmaine and Reo
20. Dave Murray and Moe
21. Sue Wessels and Lexy
22. Sue MacDonald and Jan
23. Tierney Graham and Blazin' Brisco
24. Monique and Lucy
25. Linda D and Pooka
26. Bonnie and Gull
27. Bob Hickman and CBK Ryder
28. Patricia P and Jenny
29. Brian Ricards and Doc
30. Brian Nelson and Pleat
31. Sue Wessels and kate
32. Gael Gann and Chili
33. Diane Pagel and Nan
34. Dave Murray and Kate
35. Corinne Berg and Tay
36. Brian Nelson and Beau
37. Patricia and Patch
38. Vickie and Gael
39. Susan Crocker and Rani
40. Ian Caldicott and Bear
41. JB Brick and Scamp
42. Donna Donahue and Kate
43. Noelle Williams and Lad
44. Fran and Mirk
45. Tim Ballard and Nell
46. Lora Withnell and Bella
47. Ian Caldicott and kate
48. Bob Hickman and Trooper
49. T Yamamoto and Sweep the Broom

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