Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I have the best Mother in the World. I must have been an angel in my prior life, as I have said before, because my Mother is superb. Of course, I have the best brother in the world. I might be a bit biased too!

Anyways, for Mother's Day, we cook for my Mom. She did make her world famous Gyoza but that is all we let her do.  Usually she makes a ton of food when we have dinner at out place but we told her "No-Go" so she counter-offered with one dish. Sigh...

Getty cooked New York Steak and Lobster. Mom brought over fresh corn so he grilled that as well. My brother made homemade coleslaw and curried potato salad. I put the dishes on the table and poured the drinks. I was pretty useless today in the cooking department today. But I was very tired from the day before. I did a lot of work around the farm and trained dogs and wore myself out.

My mom is super energetic and can run circles around me. She is in her 70 and walks over three miles a day around a lake, feeding the ducks and taming the wild birds. She loves animals. The dogs all adore her and when she arrived today, I could hear the happy barks of joy. I told the girls to be quiet so they barked louder. When my mom arrives, they only listen to her and she spoils them rotten. Maid has gotten into this routine too. My mom speak to Maid in Japanese and Maid understands her (so it seems). My mom calls her "Mae-Mae" and she jumps up and down and her tail goes 900 miles an hour. Then my mom opens the one pound of super expensive, gourmet soft meaty dog treats and feeds it to them They all sit down and just opens their mouth like baby sparrows and she feeds them the treats. Then she opens my dog's treat jar and feeds them some more. Then off to do cooking, where they get more treats. I tell them to go to their dog beds in my stern voice and they all run and hide behind her and she pets them and tells them they don't have to listen. They don't. It's been a ritual for years so we have fun with it.

We had a fantastic dinner;  grilled New York Steak, lobster, home curried potato salad, homemade coleslaw, homemade Gyoza and corn on the cob. Of course, I stuffed myself. The girls got the leftover from my mom- no surprise there.

(these pixs are not from today but from a couple of weeks ago)

My mom feeding the chickens. Notice the girls and ducks are below her. She doles out bread to them too. The girls get at least five pieces of bread. I let my mom feed everyone as much as she wants as that make her happy. The dogs and ducks all swarm around her feet the entire time getting handouts.

The sheep adore my mom too. They get tons of treats. They see her and start "baaing" the entire time. Some will eat out of her hand. Some of them recognize her car and will start crying as soon as she comes up the driveway. She goes and feeds them, of course!

The Hair sheep have only seen her once but figured out the free meal program.

Winifred, the Guinea that I got from Pasado's Safe Haven has my mom trained to feed her. Winnie is tame and loves to eat. She is first in the chow line.

Banjo, the lamb came running as soon as he heard my mom!

My brother, Nelson and Rainey. The girls love him as he fusses all over them. Maid thinks he walks on water, as  the first time she met him as he fed her some steak. He always has some goodies for the girls.

Last but not least, Jim. Jim is my brother's friend. He loves the animals too.

So after dinner, we wandered down to the barn. My mom got to see the new lambs and hand fed those mama ewes. They eat out of your hand and are gentle. She was thrilled with that. She loves Silkies Chicken so I got some more baby Silkies chick and she ooh-ahh all over them. Then she fed the chickens the bread. Next was the sheep. She would toss bread or hand feed the sheep, give a piece to each of the girls, drop some more for the ducks, feed a piece to the horse and some to the LGD. I gave her quite a few loaves of bread and she had a great time. It's good to see my mom be so happy. The animals all recognize here and come running for their treats. Sort of like I do. I let my mom feed the animals and the girls as much as she wants. It make me happy to see her have so much fun. The next day the girls and I are on a diet.

It was a sunny day that was very enjoyable. We all had a great time, had a wonderful meal and it was nice to have a family dinner.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day !

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