Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dancing with Ewe

Dan is a Pleat x Tess pup. Well, he is probably not longer a pup as he is six year old. He is quite the pushy dog that is very talented. He looks like his mom, but in the masculine form. If I don't pay attention, I will often get Dan and Tess confused.

Dan belongs to Audrey. Audrey has had Border Collies for about 20 years. Dan is her trial dog now and later she hopes to be running Kate (Roo x Nan).

I just got my new camera and was fiddling with it. It was very bright that day and I don't have it all figured out but here is what we came up with that day.  As you can tell, Dan is very intense.

So this Border Leicester/North Country ewe had the brilliant idea that she was going to run off. Not a good idea with Dan working her. So they decided to show us, their version of "Dancing with the Stars" 

Lean to the middle. Dan takes the lead.

The next dance move require a hard right turn. 

A little two step action is also required. And then the ewe decided it would be a wise idea to end this dance routine and go back to the flock.

Dan, framed by a ewe's legs.

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