Friday, May 25, 2012

Heading out

We are heading out later today for a three day trial at Sue and George MacDonald's. Sat and Sun will be open and Nursery. Monday in Nursery, Ranch, PN and Novice. Maid and Nan are in Open. Sava and Rainey are in PN.  Tess is going to be the lap warmer.

Getty (Husband) will be going along. Since I am still only 5 week off from the heart surgery, driving really hurts. The seat belt digs into my incision and it really is painful. I drove to work two days this week and that was painful so I got to work at home for the rest of the week. This is nice as I can read and do my documents without any interruptions. I can get twice as much done doing this than at work. So, as soon as I am done with my work shift, we are hitting the road. Getty is doing all the packing so I just have to hop in the truck. He is not keen about the trial but will go Frisbee disc golfing when I am at the trial.

My four trials dogs, Maid, Nan, Rainey and Sava are in standing heat....and as a result, have forgot the down and really leaning on the sheep. If the sheep don't move fast enough in their minds, they do a little hock grip. So this weekend will be lively for me. This way, I can truly see if my pacemaker is working as I get all pumped up when my dogs blow through the bit. I worked them on Th night so hopefully they remember what I reminded them!!

Tess is going along and being the lap warmer. Plus her usual role of pillow thief. She is the only dog that is not in heat but then again, she has been fixed for a few years. She is doing quite well considering her congestive heart condtion and kidney diease. She is on meds and on K/D dog food.

I think I will have internet access so will post at the trial. If not, then you will get nothing on the blog until I get home. Wish us luck and have a wonderful weekend.

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