Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh Hell, Dell Computers - Part Two

This is Part Two for the "DELL HELL STORY" from last week.  See Link below for Part One.

Well, I sent the email to Mr. Dell and the next day a person from the cooperate office called me in the morning. He made a point of repeating several times the warranty only covered the laptop and not the mouse or battery. That’s all fine and good BUT the point that I was stressing to him was that I was TOLD the warranty covered everything that I bought. There was NO MENTION of it not covering the mouse or battery but I was told it covered EVERYHING that I had purchased. I still think Dell, in good faith and making a customer happy should give me a mouse since their agent gave me incorrect information. A free mouse would go a long way of making me happy and telling everyone that Dell has five star service.

But I guess the Dell manager who called felt it was more important to stress that the warranty did not cover the mouse and thus save a few dollars and make a customer unhappy. Maybe a lesson from Nordstrom would be good for them. Or REI, for that matter.  Oh, I own stock in Dell too. Nice to know as a shareholder that Dell is not doing well by me.

Anyways, he said he ordered a new fan and heat sink and a tech would be out to repair it. The laptop was making loud jet-engine type of noises and getting very warm. Nice to know that was covered under the warranty as well as the tech visit. We live about 40 minutes from Seattle and it was covered under warranty. This is good.

Later that day, the tech called and was very pleasant on the phone. He came out on time as he stated on the phone. So far, so good! He was very POLITE and had no attitude. He is making Dell look good at this point. He quickly replaced the fan, heat sink and DVD player, and then found some other issues. My motherboard was dying, a couple of keys were failing and the case was cracked. He called in for the new parts. He was very meticulous and made sure that I was happy by the time he was done.  His name was Rick and he was the first person from Dell that I had confidence in and actually felt like he cared for the customer.

We made an appointment for Monday to have the rest of the laptop repaired. On Monday, he called and would not get out to my place until later and since I don’t believe he should be working well past normal hours, we changed the time to Tuesday morning. I appreciate the fact he called and gave me status on Monday on his schedule.

Early on Tuesday, he arrived. Oh yea, each morning, Dell cooperate would call to make sure everything was going ok. Aside from the mouse fiasco, all was fine. Rick worked on the laptop, replaced all the parts and made extra sure that it was all running up and smoothly and fast. He also updated the bios and by noon, he was done. He put quite a bit of time in making sure the laptop was in prime condition and that I was happy. He did a fantastic job and I wish that Dell cooperate would provide the five star service he had done.

I doubt they will give him a bonus but Dell, if you are reading this, you better acknowledge him. He repaired the trust and did major damage control for you.  Rick went all out to make an unhappy customer a very happy customer and made sure my laptop was in fine form. I hope you do something for Rick as he is what Dell should strive for: excellent customer service.  Don’t take him for granted as he is a asset for Dell.

However, Dell, I still think you owe me a mouse and need an answer to the mysterious $7 fee you charge when customers order on the phone.

Update: Wednesday. The Dell Manager called to make sure I was happy with the laptop repair. I told him that I was and we closed the case. Dell has been very good about the daily followup. However, no answer on the $7 mysterious fee or mouse replacement.

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