Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day Two Open and Nursery of Memorial Day Trial

Quick recap again.  Very nice run by my dogs. The trial course was reversed and we had to send the dog down the hill.  Maid ran first and had a wonderful outrun. The set out person who set all day, said she had the best outwork of all the dogs. Maid listened at the top and was soft on the fetch. She was very sweet to work and I really enjoyed running her. She had 4th place for a good part of the day with an 85 out if 100 but slipped to 16th by the end of the day.

Nan ran very well and got 87. She was on the muscle on the super light hair sheep but listened well. Nice outrun and drive was spot on aside from the handler who hit the drive panels too low, thinking the drive was dead on....oops. She had to work at the Maltese cross as one brown ewe decided to snuggle next to me and not move. She placed 8th and got some points towards the Finals. But they won't count as she already has higher points that count but I am happy on how well both Open dogs ran.

I will go into more detail and have pixs when I get back into town. The trial was outstanding and just a real joy to be at.....highly recommended!

Open- Sunday results.

Nursery- Saturday Final

Nursery- Sunday Final

Kathleen had a stellar run with Josh, the Kelpie. Nice drive and popped the sheep through the Maltese cross like a pro. She got her first leg towards the Nursery Finals. She trained Josh by herself and she has done an outstanding job. Congrats to Kathleen on a job well done.

At lunch time Liz, Tea and Kathleen hung out with me  in my trailer. Rainey made sure that Liz and Kathleen  petted her since they were in her trailer. She might be kinda spoiled.

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