Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Darcy the cow, orders a Quarter Pounder with cheese

Staff at a McDonald's restaurant in the US were stunned - when a cow wondered up to the drive-through window.

The dairy cow, named Darcy, had escaped from her farm in Brush, Colorado, and gone for a stroll. Farm owner Sandy Winn said: "We got a call from dispatch asking if my son had a dairy cow.

"I said yeah, he has a dairy cow, and she told me that it was up at McDonalds.".

Darcy had somehow managed to open her gate and hoofed it half a mile to the restaurant.

"I think it was for some fries and a strawberry milkshake," added Mr Winn.

But she would have no interest in burgers: "Not making any orders. Maybe visiting relatives but not making any orders," he added.

Oh, I was just kidding. Darcy did not order a Quarter Pounder with cheese.

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