Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Trial results for PN and Nursery

Let me start off first by stating I forgot to take a pix of the ranch and Novice trial results. I headed down to take a pix but got sidetracked talking to someone about dogs (imagine that) and just forgot. I don't even remember who won each class either so I am totally useless in that department.
Notable highlights were Nan got points and 8th, Maid and I are really clicking and she got 85 out of 100 points, Sava got fourth and Rainey got fifth in PN. But the BIG NEWS is that Kathleen qualified JOSH for the USBCHA Sheepdog Nursery Finals in ONE WEEKEND. Plus she trained him all by herself and he is a Kelpie. How cool is that? And then to top it off, she won PN with Gael. Such a score!

Rainey got only two points off her drive and it was the best drive of the day.....dead on....a year ago, it was an effort to get one foot in front of the other foot to even do a drive!

Tess was an excellent lap warmer the entire weekend. Plus she worked the trial crowd for snackies and got some bonus treats. She had a good time. She got Sue MacDonald to give her some cheese while she was cooking lunch and then cruised the crowd for easy marsk...she found a few and was quite happy to be off her diet. She goes back on her diet tonight!

Trial was a delight, the hosts (George and Sue) go all out. A tough but small course that leaves no room for errors and a chute or Maltese cross that make you drink heavily after you run the course. Wily sheep and a sunny weather made this a five-star trial. It was my first trial since my heart surgery and it just made my heart sing.

I will do the big write-ups in a day or so when I recover, then download and edit the pixs and try to recall what happened on the runs.

More this week as I am too tired to do much of anything but relax with the dogs on the couch and drink hot tea.

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