Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thor and his babes

OK, I picked Thor. It wasn't a name that was actually submitted but a deviation of a name that was submitted. Thanks to Pam for the name. She submitted "Tyrus (form of Thor) or AKI (bright or sparkle)"


His babes, otherwise known and the Katahdin and Dorpers.

The two new Dorper/Katahdin ewes that I just got.

Thor is much bigger than his girls. He will provide some substance to the lambs for next year. He was checking them out when he first arrived. He was quite pleased.

He will have a total of 16 ewes!

They really didn't want their photo taken.

I think the black and browns ewes will soon be named too.

Thanks to everyone who helped in the naming of the new ram.

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pam said...

Thor is very fitting for such a handsome guy. And by the way, looks like Wynn did a great job today. Congrats.