Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sarah the barn cat

Sarah is two years old. I got her and her two brothers, Simon and Ringo, from Vicki Romero. They were feral kittens rescued from the streets of Tacoma. Vicki spent some time taming them but they will still semi-feral when I got them. We locked them in a dog kennel for a few weeks to get them used to the barn. My mother saw Ringo and snagged him and now he lives in a high rise condo, being spoiled and eating well.

Sarah took a shine to me and quickly became my buddy. For the longest time, she wouldn't let anyone else touch her but now she has warmed up to everyone. She can be a pest and demands to be petted and cuddled. She has us trained well as we all spoil her.

I was gone for two weeks for work. When I got back, Sarah jumped in my lap and acted all super lovey-dovey. She refused to leave me and even came into the house and sat next to me on the couch. (She is a barn cat).

Then I had the heart surgeries and didn't come down to the barn for a bit. So basically for most of three weeks, Sarah didn't see me. This is when I was able to go down to the barn a few days after my surgery. Sarah was so happy and purred and purred. 

I always wanted a Tortieshell  cat and finally I got one. She is a doll and always makes sure that she brings me dead rats or mice as a present. I think she likes to see me running (and screaming) from her when she brings me a half dead rat and puts in my lap. I reward her for bringing dead mice and so forth, by giving her canned food but I draw the line at half-live rats.

This is me happy to see Sarah and Sarah happy to see me. It was a wonderful greeting!

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