Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Day Open Scores - Memorial day Trial

Quick recap....Nan and Maid are in heat and therefore down is often ignored and pushy is more than normal.  Nan was on the muscle and we missed the chute since she forgot her down and you could not go on unless you did the chute so we timed out. On her outwork, she had push but ran well and I was very  pleased with her work.

Maid was very pliable and a real joy to run, She stopped at the top as asked, lifted nice and had a sweet fetch. She listened to everything I had asked of her. I have been working on reducing the drive commands and it was a success.....her drive was sweet but the missed cross panels cost us dearly. Nan also missed them but she failed to heed my down and as a result, flung the sheep on one side. Maid listened well but my handling  error was the downfall. I really loved running Maid as she was soft and very willing. I felt like our run on the outwork and drive was the best. At the chute, I had them lined up and told her down but she stepped on step more and one slipped by. We tried it several times and she was getting frustrated but didn't grip. We timed out but she tried and I need to work on the down without a tiny more step added. She was quite happy after her run and her eyes were shining happy at me.

I didn't get the Nursery scores but will tomorrow.  Janet ran Jude and they had a nice outwork but timed out on the drive. Kathleen had a wonderful outrun with Josh, her Kelpie, and timed out on the last leg of her drive. She would have only lost 13 points on her drive otherwise.

More tomorrow, I promise.

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