Friday, May 4, 2012

The Road Warrior

Kinloch Wynn is my upcoming star. I got him from Angie Driscoll (Kinloch Sheepdogs) in the UK. Angie has some of the nicest dogs and she knows what I am looking for in a dog. So when she decided to sell Wynn and Kiwi, she told me and I snagged them. What a great move! Their dam is Meg, a stellar and powerful bitch. Meg is Angie’s main trial dog. She can move anything and I remember her as a pup, full of herself and keen as a knife. Their sire is Bobby Dalziel’s Joe. He has quite a long list of accomplishments too! I have been wanting pups like this breeding so it was like a dream come true when I got them. I love the Joe line and want to keep adding more of that in my kennels. I appreciate that Angie sold me Wynn and Kiwi. Beside she is their God-Mother!

Wynn has been with Scott Glen since his arrival to North America. He was matured from a tentative pup to a young star, full of confidence and style. Wynn saw a good thing, when he first arrived, and immediately suckered up to Jenny Glen. She did spoil him for me. I think Scott pretended not to see that.

Since he has been here, he has grown into a young, stylish Nursery prospect. He has a good feel for his sheep and acts very mature for his age. He is serious but has a good sense of humor. Wynn is not a joker but appreciates a good joke. He great along with all of the other dogs and has a great temperament.

He has wonderful outrun and a nice pace. Wynn in fully trained on whistles and this is his year for the Nursery Finals.

Scott and Jenn took Wynn on the spring/summerroad trip to the Midwest and east coast. He is getting to be a road warrior. I think he is collecting patches from each state he has been in and by the time he gets back to Alberta, this summer, he should have quite a stash. As long, as he doesn’t get a tattoo though!

photo: Jennifer Glen - Alta-Pete Stockdogs

I was super excited to hear of how well he did on his first time out of the gate. The first day in Nursery, he placed third, even with a crossover. It was honest outrun but he got sucked in but he gave it his all and that was good. On his second day, he placed second and got his first Nursery leg. I was jumping up and down for joy. The outrun was longer and tough as the grass was high. The drives were also tough as they were quite long. For the first time out, he did quite well. He is teaming well with Scott and it’s refreshing to have such a talented youngster in the best hands! Trust me, if Wynn was running under me, he would be buying a bus ticket to go back to Scott’s!

His next trial is this upcoming weekend and I hope he improves with each trial. I am so thankful that Scott and Jenn have taken him under their wings and showcasing this talented rock star. He is going to be running at quite a few trials and we wish him luck from the PNW.

Have fun and good luck, Road Warrior!

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