Sunday, August 21, 2011

Top Twelve in LaCamas Double LIft

It took me over six hours for a three hours drive, with three of them in close to a 30 mile traffic jam. Therefore, I haven't downloaded any of the photos I took of the Double Lift. I got home and was too tired to do anything, except eat dinner and soon, off to bed. I had a great time at the trial. Much thanks to Lynn and Allison. I will do a lot of write ups this week.

Double lift draw for 12 for LaCamas- run Order

Cheryl and Jett
Francis and Chime
Patrick and Andi
Bill Berhow and Pete
Karen and Rock
Patrick and Riggs
Rob and Rex
Bill Orr and Boone
Lee Lumb and Chica
Terry Pelky and Dash
Lavon and Tess
Rob Miller and Jen

Cheryl and Jett 83
Francis and Chime DQ
Patrick and Andi 96
Bill Berhow and Pete 96
Karen and Rock RT
Patrick and Riggs RT
Rob and Rex RT
Bill Orr and Boone DQ
Lee Lumb and Chica 66
Terry Pelky and Dash (I can't remember)
Lavon and Tess 127
Rob Miller and Jen Scratch

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