Friday, August 19, 2011

LaCamas on Friday

Today I only ran Nan in Open. Bob ran Cloud and then Ben in PN. Ron ran Chavo, Kiki in Nursery and Tigr in Open. So I got to sleep in until 7ish which was nice. I watched quite a few Open runs and the sheep seemed better in the morning. In the afternoon, it seemed like one lamb or two would want to sprint to Canada.

Ron ran Chavo in Nursery and he RT him. Kiki fared better and got second place. He has one leg to his  Nursery for the upcoming year and is quite happy. I expect it won't be too long before he gets the second leg.

Open Final Scores for the First day.

Open Scores for the second day (not complete)

Bob ran Cloud and he cast out nice and was doing well when the lambs broke away at the first crossdrive so he retired. Patrick and Riggs got a 77.  Bill Berhow did well with Mike but I can't remember the score. They posted what I put up above so when they update the scores, I will blog them. Ron sent Tigr to the left and she went over the hill and that was a DQ. As he was walking off, she reappeared and picked up the sheep.

Nan ran out to the away side then pulled up and slowly walked in. I cast her out on the last few yards of the outrun and she had a nice lift. Pretty decent fetch, although she didn't want to hold the pressure. One lamb kept wanting to break away, even though Nan was well back and did not cause it. Then it split at the post and on the first leg. She worked hard did even thing I asked. A beautiful tight turn at the first panel and as she went away to march them down the line, the lamb broke down the field. She caught up with it, gave it a smart and quick grip to the head and put it back. We walked off with a DQ but at least I was happy with her performance.

Suzanne Anaya and I had a nice quiet dinner back at my camp. We had steak and shrimp and just relaxed. She is a kind person and I really enjoy her company. She is a quality person that has compassion and a big heart. If you don't know Suzanne, be sure to introduce yourself.

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