Monday, August 8, 2011

Tess thanks Linda Johnson for her new collar

Tess got a gift from Linda Johnson. This box arrived from Illinois and was addressed to "Tess Pagel". Tess got to help open it and she got a new collar. It was not any type of collar but a collar that was HANDMADE for her. She is so happy as it has a sheep on it. And flowers. And is very beautiful.

I have never met Lida but she wrote a lovely note and has been reading my blog for about two years. She made this collar for Tess as a sweet gesture and we really appreciate it. It was from the kindness of her heart.

I've been thinking of buying a new collar for Tess. She doesn't need her trial collar anymore and I wanted to get a special one for her. Linda must have been reading my mind!

 Look at the level of detail on the collar!

 This lamb looks just like one that was born here this spring.

Look at the workmanship on this. if I tried to do this, not only I would cut myself but the collar would look like it had a bad Mohawk. The detail is amazing. She is an artist!

OK, it was late evening when I out it on Tess. I promise in the daytime I will take a better photo and post it. However, this is how it looks like on her. Tess was quite proud when she got it on and danced about.

 I got her to lie down for about 15 seconds. See how pretty it looks on her?

The size is perfect. Many thanks to a person that we never met before, who took the time to make a lovely gift for Tess and send it to her. Tess has officially adopted "Linda Johnson" as her honorary Aunt. Kindness like this made our day a lot brighter and Tess proud to wear such a thoughtful and cherished gift.

Thanks to Linda Johnson of Albany, Illinois. You are a goddess!


Donna Brinkworth said...

What a lovely gesture. Your story about Tess has touched many hearts! It is a beautiful collar.

Jenny Glen said...

Wooow! That's some kind of spiffy collar!

john powers said...

Beautiful collar for a beautiful, sweet girl.