Sunday, August 7, 2011

Port Angeles High Scohool Reunion

This weekend we made the journey to go to my 35th High School reunion. We didn't go to the Friday night BBQ but made it It the Saturday night formal dinner. We stayed at Scott and Deb McLennan's house. Torrie Adams also stayed there. At the 30th Yr reunion, I wasn't going to go but Scott twisted my arm and Janet Neal's arm and so we went. We had a blast and so when the 35th came around, we did the repeat. Scott and Deb generously opened up their house and we arrived in time to get ready for the event.  We brought Tess along and she loved it. Deb would feed her lots of biscuits and she really enjoyed the visit. She wants to go back again. Tess did not go to the reunion but had a grand time hanging out at their house.

Torrie, me, Getty, Deb, Scott

We decided to line up and get our group photo. They did not have a formal photographer so we did our own photo session. Our table was laughing and giggling all night and we really enjoyed ourselves. We all took photos and here they are.
Deb, Scott and Torrie.

Getty and me.

Getty and me.

Apparently, people said I look the same. I actually gained 30 lbs since High School, which I needed. Look, I can dress up and not be in rain gear.
Torrie, me, Getty, Deb, Scott

This is before we started drinking. Then we hit the buffet table and then we visited everyone. Our class graduated about 370 or so and only 50 to 60 folks showed up for this.

Torrie and Jef Boyd.

Torrie is a fun person to hang out with. We used to see each other in Horse 4H. we both still have horses and a deep love for animals still.

Jef Boyd.

He was very nice to me in High School. He became a Deputy and now keeps the streets safe at night in Port Angeles.
Deb, who is Scott's wife. They got married about four years ago. She is a very beautiful woman, inside and outside. Scott married well and it was great to see him so happy. They are the cutest couple and are still deeply in love!
We were excited to get our drinks and told if we smiled we would get them. *Poof*, we all smiled.
Our table which was redlining the fun meter and eventually we broke it.

My backside while I talk to John McCrorie. John and I were neighbors and grew up together. His mother taught me how to make homemade Apple pie and the best pie crust recipe. They raised Arabians and that is where I got my love for them. I used to sneak over their fence and pet their horses.

More folks...I will get their name and post them.

One of my classmate and his names escapes me. I will find out and post it. we didn't stay too late but we did visit everyone. Most  of the folks had grandchildren that looked young like we did, so long ago. Time sure flies and we hope that we will have a 40th reunion.


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