Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tess in her Glory

Tess was quite mortified that I put two pictures of her with her shaved belly on the blog last night. She wanted to point out that she is quite beautiful and endearing.

Do without further ado, here are some of her being a model. These were taken many years ago. My secretary gave me this leather jacket for Tess.

This is the picture I sent to Pleat before she went up to see him almost nine years ago.

Isn't she cute!

On more news on Tess. She had her staples removed tonight and was a trooper. The incision is healing up quite nicely. She is trotting all over but still can't jump up on the couch. She is still sore in her midsection. She will have another surgery to remove the root of the canine tooth that was broken off at gum level. That will be in about a month.

Tess decided she had to help me put the chickens away and so I let her. Then she ran to the tack room for her bread. She got it and then some. Then we sat and watched the sun set over the soft trees and dreamed of the day when she will leap tall buildings in a single bound, take on a pride of lions, show me how to parallel park  and save Timmy who fell down the well.


Donna Brinkworth said...

Just so, so happy for you all.

Mary Ann said...

She looks just wonderful!