Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quick recap on Island Crossing Trial

I just walked into the door from the trial at Island Crossing, hosted by Joe and Heather Haynes. We took pics and I will post them in a day or two but for now, you will get a quick recap. There were about 40 dogs in Open and then another 5 in Non Compete Open. About 30-40% of the Open were RT or DQ. The outrun was this the "ditch of death" and then a left hand drive. Then a shed, pen and then a single. Time was 10 and half minutes.

Tigr was run by Ron and placed 9th or 10th. Roo and Nan did not get their pens or singles so placed mid pack. I was closing the gate on the pen on both of their runs when the time ran out. The Canadians pretty much cleaned up.

I ran Rainey in N/C Open. I had to help her pick the sheep off the set out person as she is very cautious on that. She did get as far as getting the shed when her time ran out. She ran very well and I was very pleased with her. The Judge said she had a "sweet drive" and it was one of the better ones of the day.

Off to bed as I am exhausted.

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