Monday, August 29, 2011

Bill Berhow and Mike on Friday at LaCamas

Bill Berhow and Mike were the subject of my camera on Friday.  He was one of the first trainers to help me when Tess was about a year old. He was very kind and generously answered many of my questions over the years.

At the post.

Bringing the sheep to the post for the turn. 

 Ok, look how calm Bill is! And the dog. And the sheep. Are all calm.

 Holding that pressure point.

Dancing sheep. 

 Mike says march to the first panel.

 The ewes thought about running around the panel but Mike told them otherwise.

Quiet communication in the shedding ring. The sheep were calm. This run was calm.  This was a real pleasure to watch. Bill certainly can run a dog and make it look smooth.

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gvmama said...

All the pictues are GREAT, but I especially love the one with Bill at the post :0)