Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday's Open runs at LaCamas

WARNING: Very picture heavy!

So, I managed to take some photos on Thursday. Not many as I was running from one field to another and running my dogs. The sun was out and it messes up on the photos so the ones that I thought would be good, ended up being washed out. So, here is what I have from Thursday. I also took photos for Friday, Saturday and the Double Lift. Those will be in the next few days.

I have taken lot of pixs of dog but then think I will remember whose dog it was....but as it turns out, I forget. So now, I take a pix of the handler at the post so I know whose dog it is. Ironically enough, even though these are the backside of the handler's, I know who they are.

Bob Dias

Cloud. What a grand old dog.

 He still can do those fine cutting moves.

 The lambs thought about going which way but Cloud told them to march south, and so they did.

 Cloud keeps them online.

 Cloud is a very handsome dog.

 Everyone is lined up in a formation.

 It was late in the day and the sun cast huge shadows on the lambs.

 Rochelle Stanford and DeltaBluez Koko. She always has a huge smile and is very sweet.

 Her love of her life, Koko. They are a great team

 Koko had no issue in handling these sheep.

 I love this photo!

 She is an honest dog.

Koko makes sure the sheep go in the directions she wants them to go! 
 Tigr doing the drive. She is a pup from Dolly, a cattledog that I had. This was a nice litter that we bred and work cattle as well.

 Tigr says "I see you"

 Tigr holding the line.

Lavon and Gus. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. A quiet person that just goes out and shows you how to win. He is pure class.

 Gus on the fetch.

 Setting up for the shed.

Monique and Lucy on the cross drive and a nice line.

They timed out in the shedding ring.

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