Saturday, August 20, 2011

LaCamas on Saturday

Today was a long day. Suzanne and I went to the PN first since we had Rainey and Yoko to run. They ran two sets of Novice first then PN. Rainey was 10th then Yoko was around 20th . Rainey did quite well, almost crossed but stopped when told, then flanked out wide. Nice slow lift and decent fetch. Nice drive and held the line and got both panels. We had the sheep in the pen but one popped out and we timed out. Rainey got 10th out of 47 dogs today.

Suzanne ran Yoko. She sure is fast. She got control and the sheep knew she meant business. Nice drive and excellent control.She was working them hard into the pen when time ran out. Yoko got 8th place and is going to be a fine dog when she goes to Open.

The PN scores sheet after I had two beers on an empty stomach.

Top 12 going into the Double Lift tomorrow.

I ran Roo late in the afternoon. He ran out then looked like he was going to cross when he sighted a white truck but I stopped him. He took the redirect and then flared out nicely. He popped the lift hard and finally settled down on the drive, We finally did decent on the bottom part and nice turn. The first leg was very sweet with a nice tight turn. A little high but we got them back online. I missed the panels on the cross drive as I thought I had them in sight. He brought them to the shedding ring. I made a opening but he didn't come in and we spent the rest of the time trying to recover. He did get a score for his efforts and he tried.

Bill Berhow got a 95 with Pete. Rochelle laid an amazing run down with Koko for 4th place and a score of 77. Rob and Rex got 87. I can't remember anymore this late at night.

Tomorrow will take some Double Lift photos and then head home. I will edit the pixs and do blogs on them  As of now, I am too tired to do anymore so off to bed.

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