Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nan on Friday at LaCamas

Nan was a pistol on her second run. At least I was trying to slow her down so she would grip on the fetch. I did get her to hitch up so that was nice.

I am thinking maybe I should have drank a beer before my run.

 Nan was on the muscle. Er, when is she NOT on the muscle?

On the fetch this lamb broke away twice and she put the lamb back. Nan does have a temper so that fact she didn't grip the lab was amazing.

 At the turn, the lamb broke and I was sure she was going to grip it but she didn't.

 Put them all back and then turn for the first leg.

 Oh, no a lamb broke away for the fourth time.

She scooped the lamb back and my heart was in my throat.

She  got them all nice and lined up.

 I am feeling better now.

She held them nice and had a sweet tight turn....then for the fifth time a lamb broke away. It tried to run over her so she did a quick but clean head snap, turned it back in and started the drive. But alas, we got called for that. However I was happy she did keep her temper in check and when she did grip, it was a nice grip.

Nan, licking her lips with delight after the grip.

photos: Carolyn Harwell (she does wonderful work and you can see her work at Look Back Photography

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