Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday recap of Island Crossing

Well, Nan was better today but still on the muscle. I guess I really have to be more assertive on her now. But she ran better today but we got nicked here and there for little mishaps. Roo went on the come bye side then I blew an come bye flank to widen him out and he followed the ditch to the other side for a cross. He saw the sheep and then went away even though I blew a come bye. Needless to say you can figure out how the rest of the run went. Rat bastard.

The course had a left hand drive, which the sheep would blot to the exhaust since it was on the first leg, then across the ridge, and then you had to shed three of the five sheep and then pen the three sheep.

Ron and Tigr did decent today but they had a set that wanted to split all around the course. That was tough for them. The Canadians did well again today as well as Faansie.

Ron ran Kiki in the Non Compete Open. She crossed then found her sheep, brouthgbrought then down, smart turn around the post then he had to leave to help her on the drive. He got a two sheep pen and then she leaped into his arms much to the crowd's delight.

Rainey ran out wide to the away side, then saw the exhaust. She was sure that I wanted those sheep but I redirected her and she went out half way, then hit the ridge and turned back to the exhaust. I flanked her out again and she couldn't see the sheep. Luckily for me, she has a great look and kept scanning for the sheep. I did get her to flank out on the away WITHOUT seeing the sheep and going on pure trust. She found them at the top and had a nice lift, a little bobble but put them back on line. She was very biddable for me

Nice turn then the first leg and at the panel they bolted to the exhaust. She smartly peeled them off and march tough into their heads and put them back on line, did a waving but pretty decent cross drive and into the shed. We had then lined up nice and she was leaning in to come but we timed out. We ate a lot of time on the outrun but if we hadn't I think we would have gotten the shed and pen.  is quite willing to do as I want and each time, gets better and better.  She gave me her all and it was nice to see that she trusted me to go out blind to find her sheep. Don Helsley, (judge) said he liked her better today. This is the third time I have gone t o the post with her and I see progress each time.

I took a bunch of photos and will post them as more write up in the next day or two.

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