Thursday, August 25, 2011

PN and Nursery from LaCamas on Thursday

Here are some photos of PN and Nursery on the first day. I didn't take any on Friday as I was running in Open. The sun was very bright so the photos were hard to take. 

 Rochelle Stanford and Rack. He is very fast!

 Rack on a nice walk up.

 The fetch.

 The lambs. They haven't missed a meal and made short work of a dog if it was too pushy or weak. They just got sheared and their coats glistened in the sun.
 Ron Green and his Chavo ran in Nursery. This dog is a cousin to Rainey.

 The fetch.

 Almost done at the fetch.

Ron Green ran DeltaBluez Kiki. She is a great grand daughter of Tess. She ran in Nursery and won the class.  Rainey would be her Grand Aunt.

 Turning into the sheep.

 Leaping lamb and serious dog.

 On the drive.

The first leg of the drive. They did quite well and Ron was very pleased with her.

Tess had five pups (Roo, Pete, Kate, Koko, Rainey) , four grandpups (Lucy, Finn, Kirby, Pooka) and one great gradnpup (Kiki) running at this trial. On the first round of Open, Kate was fourth. On the second round of Open, Koko was fourth.  Rainey was 10th and 11th in PN. Kiki was first and second in Nursery. Not bad!!

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