Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mid week review

Well, we took a bunch of pictures from the last trial and just haven't had time to process them. We have been slammed at work and I will be running at LaCamas trial for the next few days. I am still working so it won't happen tonight.

Nan and Roo were too much in the bubble at the trial and just rushed the sheep. I will have to stop them sooner and really put the brakes on them.  Rainey did well, not a huge score BUT considering it was second time to the post with me and an Open run, she got scores both days. On the first day, about 30-40% of the Open dogs did not get a score. Next week is probably when I will post the photos.

Tomorrow is the start of the FIVE STAR TRIAL on the west coast, known as LaCamas. Hosted by Lynn and Allison Johnson at the lovely dairy farm in the town of Camas. There are 90 dogs in Open and 72 in PN. Roo and Nan are in the Open and Rainey is in the PN.

I am pulling the trailer by myself and meeting Bob Dias and Rochelle Stanford. It's our yearly meet and greet vacation so we can pal around and have fun. They are some of the nicest people, great handlers and love their dogs.

Tess will be going along with me since Getty is working a lot of hours and I still need to keep an eye on her. She still can't jump or stretch out too much. But she is doing very well considering three weeks ago, she was firmly parked on death's door for a few days. But she is a tough dog and a real fighter.  Scott Glen stopped by on his way back to his place and Tess managed to convince him to slide her a piece of jerky. I saw her work him with her"pitiful eyes" and shaved belly and sides and "the woe is me" look.  She obviously is feeling well enough to do her begging routine!

Hope we do well at LaCamas!

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