Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday Open at LaCamas

Here are a couple of handlers from Friday's run.

Bryan White and Scoop. He and Allison own the Honest Dog store. They generously donate items from their store for trial prizes. Support them by buying some of their cool clothing. Allison hand carves the woodblocks that you see the artwork on their clothing. I have a shirt and a hoodie. Very high quality product and they stand behind them.

Hitting the fetch panel dead on.

The last bit of the fetch.

Turn at the post.

More style points.

Big tongue.

Keeping a hold of the sheep.

The last bit of the turn at the post.

Bob Dias and Cloud.

The fetch.

Nice line on the first leg.

The first drive panels. See how well he is holding the pressure?

Tomorrow: Bill Berhow (Friday run)

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