Thursday, August 11, 2011

More High School Reunion Photos

Here are the photos from the official photographer, "Cline Photographers" for our High School Reunion. They did not do the formal sit down photos but a group photos. We plan to do a 40th reunion and if we are lucky, maybe a 50th. I enjoyed seeing some of my friends again.

Group Photo. I couldn't even begin to name all the folks. 

 Another shot.

The photographer then started to take photos of sections of the group. Notice we are having way too much fun. There was drinking involved and let's say, I am glad that I wasn't driving.

 Hum the three musketeers! I was the only Asian person in my class. So it was easy for everyone to recognize me. Notice I am the only one with longer dark hair. Earlier this year, I cut about 18 inches off. I like this length.

 I think this section had the market on flower dresses.

 Some very happy smiles in this shot.

 These two troublemakers are near the exit.

 I think the folks who are holding their hands in prayer formation went to the Catholic Junior High School.

 The party started here.

 Tall guys in the back.

 Ernie, the guy in the cap, hosted the Friday night BBQ dinner. I heard it was a blast.

 Happy people.

 We were close to the drinks. We had way too much fun.

 Another group shot.

 I was getting tired of smiling by now.

OK, we are done.

We left the dinner party then went to Scott and Deb's place and had more fun....until 3:30 in the morning.  Coffee was provided for us as we needed it on Sunday morning.

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