Monday, December 27, 2010

A Winter Day at the Farm

Here are some pixs of the farm during our short stay with the snow. It was nice while it lasted but I was ready for it to go. I hope it is the last we see of snow  but Getty said the weatherman said it might snow this week.

 The view from the office. Maggi and Emmy are in the lower pasture.

Another view from the office. This is the island and the bridge.

View from the deck. See the snow in the canoe.

View from the barn of the carport and house.

The back lawn and the island pond.

Emmy telling Getty that she is hungry. So he gave her some treats.

And she gave him a kiss in return.


gvmama said...

The snow gives one a whole new "view" of your farm. Beautiful!

uglydog75 said...

Great pictures! I love the picture of Emmy with the Clun right under her nose begging for a treat too.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

The Clun loves Emmy...she lets then eat her food...she shares with all of them. When they have lamabs, she stands guard over the ewes and lambs.