Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Horse Whisperer

Getty is so not the country guy. But he has done well stepping up to the plate and living  the country life. It doesn't mean he likes sheep (he doesn't) but he does a lot of farm chores. he does the morning feeding and I do the evening shift.

Then there are the guy projects he does. fixing fences, unjamming the ponds and so forth.

This was the day he checked out the ponds to see if there were any issues. He says he hates the horses but when my back is turned, he fusses over them. The mares adore him. Maggi thinks he walks on water.  Getty now has a new field assistant, whether if he wants it or not.

Getty did the field walk and his new field assistant is providing moral support.

Maggi was trained quite well on her ground manners. She doesn't overrun him and keeps her distance. When he stops, she stops. Getty didn't know I took these photos...it was very cute watching them stroll parade around the field. He  would stop and check something out, then pet her and talk to her.

Aren't they just cute!

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