Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DOTSTER fails again

OK, so if you have tried to email me since this morning, I didn't get it! And you probably got an email bounce. I called Dotster and the tech guy couldn't figure it out so he will get back to me. . I asked him to call me back in an hour with a status call but I doubt he will call back. He couldn't figure it out so passed the buck to some other group and couldn't tell me when it would be fixed. When it  is fixed I will let you all know. Don't hold your breath!

I told them this is my business and ho-hum....

Again, once every three plus months Dotster fails again! The entire system goes down for a day and no one there notices until I call. Usually when I get home so it is over 8 hours and still busted  and in one case three days before they got around to fixing it. Do they forgot to see if their servers are busted? Or do they rely on their customers to call them and tell them when their systems fail?

Another issue with them is when  I go to the website to fill in the "service request" and ask them to email me back with a status. Not once, in many years, they have done that. My service request goes into a black hole as well a I am sure, numerous other customers. If I email them, it never gets replied to....

So I don't know when I will get my email back online so either email via facebook or at my old email huck @ ix.netcom.com (there is a space between huckit and the @ to prevent spammers picking up the email so remove the space)

Anyone have a suggestion for a reliable hosting company...preferably one that doesn't have their system go down every three months.

My requirements are:
  • reliable (that means the servers do NOT bust every three plus months)
  • price competitive
  • word press availability
  • toll free customer service phone (Dotster is not toll free)
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • tech support that actually helps than pass my issue on to someone else


BCxFour said...

Check out


They are not the cheapest, but they are the best. Word press and everything else you could need, along with superior customer support. What more can you ask for?

DeltaBluez Tess said...

The tech support guy called back and said there was an issue (DUH!!) and they should have it fixed soon and he would call me right back ....well, three to four hrs later and no call and not working......it was one of their main mail servers....down all day and no one at DOTSTER noticed...what happened to monitoring your systems?

No wait, they wait for the customer to call in the problem.....how long would have it been if I didn't call it in.....it's been 12 hrs and no resolution.

Sad to say, their customer service and quality of service has gone downhill.....losing servers every three or so months is not acceptable!

Shopping for a new company now....(sigh)

and to think, I have been a loyal customer for years....

Debbie said...

I have four sites on Hypermart.net and love them. They host lots of services including email, and use Wordpress for blogs. Good luck!


Jenny Glen said...

Godaddy.com I've had them a couple of years now and never had a problem. They were very helpful when I was transferring my website to them and patiently waited on the phone with me while my painfully slow ISP loaded things. I also switched my email to them when yahoo was giving me trouble and there was no one to complain to. I thought their prices were good.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

wow, 21 hrs later and the system is up. I lost ALL of my emails so if you sent me email yesterday, please resend.

The tech guy never did call me back again as he promised....I shouldn't be surprised as they do this all the time.

Today their story is different.....either way, the customer loses!