Monday, December 13, 2010

Quick Flood Photos

We have been under major flood watch this weekend and it all came down Sunday night. I got up to go to work, then realized unless I had a speed boat, that I would never get to work in time. We have a canoe and a kayak but that would take too long to get to work. Luckily, I had enough work to do at home, so I worked from home today.  I took a break for lunch and took these with my iPhone. I was too lazy to dig out my regular camera so these are not the best.

Our back lawn and the view from the deck. Our island is under water and Getty's bridge wants to float away. The trees are on the island. The water is about 40 feet from our house. Our house is on a large hill so we are safe. Getty did go for a spin out in "Lake Carnation" in his kayak.

This is my main training pasture. I think I will give the sheep some life vest and I can go out in my kayak and do some lessons. The dogs will get life vests too. The ducks are out of luck!

My round pen is under water and you can see the tip of the post. The critter pad is the only part of the pasture not under water. The water goes all the way to town.

This is my far pasture. Most of it is under water. The bushes in the middle to the barn in the back is under 3-5 feet of water. The shed near the bushes is under 3 feet of water. Emma and the sheep are on the upper part which is fine. She is not happy about not being able to go into her shelter.
All behind the sheep is under water. The sheep are happy to get their alfalfa. The flood is going down and I hope it will be down to a decent level tomorrow. I will  be driving my truck to work tomorrow!

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gvmama said...

Wow! Now that's some wet weather.
Man the oars!