Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guardian of the Sheep

We need guardians for our sheep. Otherwise the coyotes think they can eat sheep anytime they want. Not a good idea. So I have several type of guardians.

Emma is a retired show horse. She competed in the Arabian big show called "Scottsdale".  She also competed in quite a few other shows and did well. But since I got her, her life is to be my trail horse and guard the sheep.

She comes when I call. Notice the sheep are right behind her. If something scares them, they run to her and she runs around the sheep scaring them off. She is quite the good guardian. If a human is tending a hurt sheep, she will hover over you and makes all sorts of displeasing noise to let you know you are in big trouble if you hurt her charges. (Ask Jeanne B about this!)

She takes her role very seriously.

She turns into a dark bay in the summer and he coats get dark dapples. She loves to show off all the time. She is quite a talker too. Her sire is Desperado V, owner by Sheila Varian.

She keeps between you and the sheep. She can be quite snarky to the Border Collies if she thinks they are too pushy. when we work the sheep, we have to put her up in one section as she keeps the sheep in a tight circle and won't let the dog move them. She is a good mare and a great asset to our farm. 


Cat said...

aaw, how cute she is! What a beauty :-)

Janet said...

Y'know... the only guardian animal on your farm that has truly freaked me out with its protection skill was that damn Tom the Turkey. Kodi and Emmy are pussycats compared to that bird. RIP Tom; although, I wasn't all that sad to see him pass last year of natural causes. You're Silkie Rooster is #2 on my list.

uglydog75 said...

What a sweet mare... I love how she takes care of those sheep. Had she ever foaled? I bet she would be quite the mother.