Friday, December 24, 2010

Book Review- Communication With All Life - Joan Ranquet

This book is a great read. If you are just wanting to know more information about Animal Communication, or maybe already practicing Animal Communication, then this is the book for you. Joan is not preachy but writes straight from her heart. You feel at ease, as if you are sitting on her couch, talking to her and having a cup of tea.

I got this book and planned to read it in sections. Instead, I stayed up most of one night, reading it from front cover to back cover. I put it down, felt as if I had a new chapter of my life was ready to be written, and I just had to write the words.

The first half of the book is about Joan’s journey. She didn’t know she would be an Animal Communicator but realized it would her destiny. You read about her struggles with her animals, cry with her in her sorrow and realize that her journey and your journey are the same. We all have the ability to be an Animal Communicator but need to take that first step.

In the second half, she helps you take that first step. She guides you and makes you feel like you can do it. She shares techniques so you can start to communicate with your animals. You feel like she holds you hands during this journey.

Joan takes the stance that you can talk to your animals and from that help them, whether it be have you go to the Vet, changing the saddle or the dynamics in the households. Often the issues with the animals are how we communicate with them. Joan offers ways to resolve this.

She gives you tool and techniques to start communicating. It is broken down in small steps so it isn’t formidable anymore. Soon the puzzle is not a puzzle but a completed piece. She puts in story and most of them are very familiar, meaning we have a lot of the same issues. Suddenly it is clear that these issues can be solved by trusting your instinct, opening up to talk to them and soon you feel like you made a major breakthrough. You did, indeed!

The last part of the book deals with nutrition and a holistic approach. You deal not only with the mind but the physical part and that makes the whole package. By dealing with both sides, you are now armed to go into new territory and enjoy your new life with your animals.

A well written book that will set you upon a new journey.

It is available in paper format as well as the Kindle edition

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