Friday, December 17, 2010

A Senior Moment

We have a bunch of seniors at the farm. Getty and I included. However, there are some that are older than us (in dog, sheep, and horse years). If you make it to senior status, you enjoy the rest of your life on the farm and take it easy.

 Emmy has been here close to ten years. She is around 26 years old. She is one of the guardians for the sheep flock. She takes her role seriously.  She loves Getty. She is a granddaughter of Bask.

Emmy likes to be involved in everything. She is after all, descended from Royalty.

Jazzmine, another senior ewe. She is very opinionated.

She has to have her nose in everything. Especially so if there is food involved.

Kodi is ten and arrived right after we moved here.

I told Tess that I wanted her photo. She told me that she was not an old dog and let me know it! Check out the glare she is giving me!


The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Old age isn't all bad, Tess! You get to relax a bit!

Michele said...

I am sure Tess is very happy you did not choose a photograph of her with her jacket on !