Sunday, December 26, 2010

A different side of Kodi

Kodi is the best guardian dog. He works tireless all the time...well, most of the time. Sometimes he will take a break. Often if I am working dogs in my far field, he will amble over and watch. He wants to make sure that no sheep get harmed and perhaps laugh at my whistling. At my last lesson with Scott Glen, my whistles were horrible, yet Scott refrained from smacking me on the head and pretended not to hear my imitation of a strangling cat. Sometimes, Scott does take pity on me. Kodi, on the other hand, howled at my whistling.

Once I start to whistle when I am training dogs at the far field and Kodi is at home, he will come over to the far field to be my assistant. He will lounge around and see if I have left any of my lunch for him to eat. He likes my coffee so I have learned to either drink my coffee or put it on the gate.

Today, he decided to make a face at my flank whistle. "You call that a flank whistle...I call it bug meets high pitched blender!"

Kodi sees the cookie in my hand. Of course, I give him a piece and he doesn't eat it. But he has me fooled. Over the years, he often asks for a piece of whatever I am eating and I give it to him and he never eats it. The only item he will eat are big raw bones. He likes his dog food in the barn near the tack room or in the stall. He has been getting a bunch of raw, kibbles and canned food in his old age. Recently he has been running around and acting like a puppy.

I love this pic. He is so regal in this pose. This is the Kodi we all love. He has been here ten years and rescued the sheep from a barn fire, killed a coyote and ran off many more, let the bear know that going to see his sheep was not an option and announcing all visitors. He loves small children and will let them ride him and pull his ears. He is the best lamb sitter,  cleans the lambs and lets them use him as king of the mountain. But most of all, he is our beloved dog and companion.

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gvmama said...

Kodi is the koolest :0)