Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mutton Busting

Danny is my pet. Other than that, he is totally useless. I raised him from a bottle baby (I will write about in a future blog) and he is here to stay. Unless I find a perfect home for him. Danny loves to be petted and enjoys the life of leisure. He is not the best working sheep as he likes to hang near you but he is great to teach a dog how to drive a sheep away from the handler. Usually when we work sheep, we let Danny go to the non working section and watch.

If Danny think there is a chance of food, he will run up to you and be your best friend. He loves treats and I will feed him a piece of bread or some grain. He loves to be scratched on his head or chest. I know that I spoil him but that's OK with me.

This summer, Danny was with the group that was hanging out. He was bugging a student so she hopped on his back. Since she didn't bring a bridle she decided to use his ears for steering. The steering didn't work so she tried to use him as a couch. Much better as a sheep fleece couch is quite soft. Danny didn't move as he was quite happy for the attention.

But after a while he got bored and told me about it!

"Mom, get her off my back!"

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