Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DeltaBluez Epic in the snow!

DeltaBluez Epic belongs to Deborah Taylor and Ben Shryock. He is one of the top ranked Flyball dogs this year and overall in all the dogs. He is also their beloved pet. They had been looking for another flyball dog and when the opportunity gave to obtain Epic, they snagged him. He was formerly named Anson but he got a new name with them. They are the nicest couple and I am glad Epic is with them. It's a perfect home.

In addition to being a flyball star, Epic is a nice herding dog. He can do a Novice and a ranch course now, but in spring they hope to trial him.  Deborah and Ben went to the east coast for Thanksgiving and Epic went to herding camp. He does the sheep chores at night as well as getting more training on him. He is a joy to train and just a good pal!

When it snowed, I grabbed my camera, Epic and Kathy. We took turns taking pixs of epic on the sheep. He had a blast! He was such a contrast with the snow!

 He has a nice walkup and recently learned his walkup whistle.

 He will come on strong. He is learning to lean on the sheep.

Epic can hold his own.  Notice how in sync their legs are in this pix!

He has a nice balance and feel for his sheep.

 Check out the snow flying around in this pix.

 He is quite good at taking the sheep off the fence.

 More snow action.

Epic is a very nice dog. He has a good nature and wants to please. I hate to tell Deborah and Ben that Epic probably didn't miss them at all. Maybe I will tell them a little white lie!

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