Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kelpie Delight

Since it has been so wet and dismal this last few weeks, I went digging into my files to find some sunny pixs. I found this set of Kathleen and Josh. She got him this summer. Josh is a delightful Kelpie with a zest for life.

This is right after Josh galloped off after the sheep. Kathleen is bringing him back to the front yard so we could take some pixs. See how innocent he longs. Hold that thought!

She also nabbed Jude. Jude belongs to Janet. Jude and Josh were getting into mischief together. Imagine that!

Oh, we found a toy.

I see my mama!

Run, Josh, Run.

Must stop to kill this flowerpot.

Looking ever so innocent.

Got Kathleen off guard for a quick  kiss!

. My goodness, what big ears you have!

Josh is growing up to be a super nice Kelpie. He will be having some pixs on sheep soon. Josh is gonna be a star.....just look at the pixs! No one can resist such a cute face.

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