Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wayward Flamingos

The American flamingo, also known as the Caribbean flamingo, can get over four feet tall and weigh between four and six pounds. Their plumage is dark pink to orange in color, but the primary and secondary feathers are deep black. They have a very, long slender neck and a thick bill that angles sharply downward in the middle. The legs are also pink in color like the plumage, and the bill has a black tip, pink coloration in the middle, and is pale yellow near the base. In captivity, these flamingos can live more than 60 years.
These birds can be found in shallow salt lagoons, muddy flats, and lakes throughout the Caribbean islands, southern regions of Mexico, Central America, and northern regions of South America. Small populations can also be found in southern Florida. They will remain in this environment all year long as long as it is warm enough and they can get enough food. Should the water end up being able to get cold enough that it freezes though they will end up migrating to warmer regions until they spring.

"Honey, did you make the reservation for the Holiday Inn in Mexico?"

"Well, I did it through a discount travel agency. I think it was not a good idea. Some how I think Cancun and Carnation are next to each other in the selection process and they didn't double check the destination!"

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