Monday, December 13, 2010

Ugly Face

Tess was pretty well put out when I made her wear the coat when it was cold and snowy outside. The first time I worked her, she out-walked and made it know that she was displeased. We all had a good laugh as she didn't do a single command as expected and made an "ugly face". But, she got over it after a bit.  So to ease her pain, the next day I used her as the sorting dog for lessons. She loves to be the sorting dog as she can do back up in case things go awry. Plus, I let her do some free herding, which means when I am giving lessons in the round pen, I just send Tess to get more sheep and just let her bring them at her pleasure and hold them near me. Sometimes the sheep are hiding so she will track them down in the marsh and sometimes they are at the feeder, either way, she gets to decide how to bring them to me. I just give her the command "Bring the sheep" and let her be. She loves to bring the sheep on the weight loss program fetch.

I put the coat on and she made the "ugly face"

Then I said "Bring the sheep" and she perked right up. I let her go and figure it out. Her "ugly face" turned into a "happy face". Her ears perked up and her pace really picked up.

Like I said, it really picked up and she was having fun. Soon she forgot that she was wearing her coat. She was having fun and going at full speed! There was no stopping her! WHEW!!!

I made her slow down so I could get a nice pix of her. Then I let her have the sheep again.

Happy dog and forgiveness! I was forgiven! No more "Ugly Face"

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