Friday, December 17, 2010

Imp Kuro - update

I had Kuro sold but the person backed out at the list minute so I am relisting him again.

.Kuro is a son of Angie Driscoll’s Jamie. Jamie was trained and run by Bobby Dalziel before he went to Angie. He has had tons of success and is one of the top trial dog in the UK. Kuro’s dam Bess was a successful Nursery dog and now a Open dog.

Kuro at the Finals with Scott
Kuro is very amenable and has a kind heart and wants to please. He is good natured and loves life. I got him from Angie who scoured Scotland for the right pup for her. Kuro spent his puppy life learning how to have good manner, visit big social events and just growing up. He got his basic sheepddog training here and then was sent to Scott Glen for his formal training.

Kuro at the Finals.

He ran very successfully for Scott, winning one day or Nursery at the Bluegrass. He also did well in obtaining his Nursery legs and placing well in trial to qualify for the Finals. On the first go-round, he placed 10th in the Nursery class. He placed 24th overall in the 2010 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals in the Nursery class with Scott. After the Finals, he ran in PN and he got 5th at EID. He has a good track record and runs consistently.

Kuro and Scott at the pen at the Finals

Kuro on the fetch

He is not for the weak or soft handler but requites a handler that can handle a pushy dog. He does have a lot of heart and is very biddable which make him easier to handle. He is well rounded and has had lots of trial experience. He is a dog that doesn't need to be begged up but has the go forward.  I prefer that Kuro go to a trial home where he can run in Open and have a successful career. His training is complete except for the shed. I will be training him to shed until he is sold.
He gets along with horse, cattle, cats, other dogs, and poutlry. He also has a playful side to him and love to play fetch. He kennels well, ride great in the crate and has good leash manners.

Sold to Cheryl in CA. He is in a wonderful home!

Photos: Jennifier Glen

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